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September 9, 2007
Duluth Budgeteer News

Around Town: Doing business in Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park Business Group would like to introduce Heath Hickok, the new executive director of the non-profit community development organization located in Duluth.

Hickok is familiar with the Lincoln Park district. He attended Lincoln Park Elementary and graduated from Denfeld in 1994.

“I remember back in elementary school, after class my friends and I would go to the park and play near Miller Creek,” he said. “It was a great neighborhood to be raised in and I’m thrilled about the opportunity to help a community I personally care about.”

After high school, Hickok studied advertising and political science at St. Cloud State University. Upon receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications, Hickok moved to Minneapolis and worked as the Marketing Manager for a market research company located in St. Paul.

“I didn’t enjoy living in the Twin Cities very much, but I did embrace the overall experience,” he said. “The traffic and crime were enough reasons to move back,” continued Hickok. “I truly am happier being here in Duluth where most of my family lives.”

Upon returning to Duluth, Hickok went back to college and expanded his knowledge of Mass Communications. He attended the Graduate School of Communicating Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Education has always been a primary focus and an important aspect of Heath’s life.

“I’ve always believed that you never stop growing in life or learning about new things. Continuing education is a great way for people to learn more about a particular subject area and use that wisdom to improve their lives,” Hickok said.

The knowledge Heath gained at UWS was soon utilized at the Bayfield Chamber of Commerce in Bayfield, Wis. As their Marketing Manager, he developed marketing strategies, public relations plans, and coordinated large events such as AppleFest and The Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race.

“I’m looking forward to working on the Lincoln Park District’s 8th Annual Walleye Open Fishing Tournament next June 1,” he said. “I hear it is a great event for fishing enthusiasts and fun for families too.”

Hickok is excited about his new position as executive director and is optimistic about the future of the Lincoln Park Business Group.

“I think the future is very bright for Lincoln Park. The Heritage Sports Center is just the beginning of new economic development for the district,” he said.

“I believe as a community we can accomplish great things by working together,” Hickok continued. “The Lincoln Park Business Group will likely reach its goals through collaborative efforts with residents, city government officials, the Duluth Police Department, and other community development organizations.”

The Lincoln Park Business Group is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to assist and promote the growth of the Lincoln Park community through business and economic development. We are leading the improvement of Lincoln Park by working with businesses, residents, and other city organizations to reduce crime, develop new business opportunities, and improve the streetscapes of our great district.

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