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Oct. 9, 2007
Duluth News Tribune

Puglisi Gun Emporium plans expansion

The owner of Puglisi Gun Emporium in Gary-New Duluth has purchased the Congress Bar next door, with plans to expand the floor space of the gun business.

Jack Puglisi Sr. bought the Congress building in mid-August from Gary Peterson, who had owned it for seven years. The bar has been a fixture in the neighborhood for decades. It was shuttered with the sale of the building.

The two buildings sit at 1336 and 1334 Commonwealth Ave. and share a common wall, Puglisi said.

He made the offer because his business has grown, Puglisi said. “We’re bumping into each other around here,” he said. Puglisi Gun Emporium is considered one of the best-known gun-trading businesses in the country. It is visited by traders from all over the globe.

Puglisi recently bought and sold a shotgun that was made in 1914 for Czar Nicholas II of Russia.

Puglisi’s plans for the expansion aren’t fully formed, but he is expecting to put a photo studio and perhaps shipping and receiving in the new space as well as expanding the showroom there.

Peterson said the Congress struggled for several years. “What prompted me to sell it was ever since the smoking ban [became effective], it’s been difficult,” said Peterson, who owned the business for nine years. The Duluth smoking ban went into effect in 2001.

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