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Sept. 11, 1905
Duluth Evening Herald

The list is large in new Irving High School on opening day

The Irving and other schools in West Duluth opened this morning and the high school at Irving began for business for the first time. This marks an important advance in schools at West Duluth as it begins the development of a full high school course.

Fifty-five pupils enrolled in the high school at Irving this morning, and from now on will be hard at work. Amy Bronsky will teach history and English; Susan M. House besides teaching the A eighth grade will teach algebra in the high school; Juanita Williams, who will teach B eighth grade, will teach Latin and English in the high school. Principal Scott A. Foster will teach bookkeeping and Mr. Brace of Central High School will teach manual training.

If it is found necessary to have more teachers for the high school, Superintendent Robert E. Denfeld has been authorized to obtain them.

The rest of the Irving School faculty is as follows: Laura Laumann, Adele Abbott, Margaret U. Dundas, Alice Jward, Ages Murray, Nellie Ryan, Sarah M. Wood, Eda J. Ash, Gertrude Schiller, Vera T. Stevens, Jennie D. Young, Josephine McMahon, Grace L. Hinckley, Lucy M. Carey, Helen Besnah, Ella L. Heiser, Belle Crawford, Jessie L. Priest, Miss Smith and Mrs. N. W. Kimball.

The enrollment in the high school this morning was as follows: Samuel Abrahamson, Doris B. Andrews, Elizabeth G. Baudin, Margaret M. Baudin, Esther I. Berglund, Oscar Bergeen, Gordon Brooks, Ann Campbell, Ethel Pearl Colby, Russell J. Cox, Sadie L. Davidson, Thomas Doyle, Kathryn I. Dunleavy, Mary Dunn, Chester Fisher, Bertha E. Fyellman, Zoa H. Foster, Delia M. Felin, Janet I. Galbraith, Alva H. Galway, Agnes Harvey, Grace L. Hendricks, Leland Hendricks, Ethel Jamieson, Henry O. Jensen, Inga Johnson, Esther P. Lee, Don D. Little, Marion McCormack, Annie Morgan, Roy Murnion, Seraphine V. Murphy, Knute L. Nelson, Katherine Neubauer, Clarence Olafson, Ruth D. Olsen, Allie B. Onsgaard, Oscar A. Reustrom, George V. Ross, Myrtle B. Rowe, Eva Sawyer, Mary T. Schulte, Clarence Schurnerhorn, Florence I. Smith, Helen M. Sullivan, Lucy M. Swenson, Albert J. Taibot, Peter S. Wick and Ingeborg C. Wahlin.

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