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March 6, 1925
Duluth News Tribune

1,500 witness Denfeld groundbreaking event

More than 1,200 students of Denfeld High School marched through the streets of West Duluth on Thursday afternoon in observance of the breaking of ground for the proposed new Denfeld building at 44th Avenue West between Fourth and Sixth Streets.

Ground was broken by F. D. Knight, president of the school board; James F. Taylor, principal of Denfeld; and James A. Starkweather, assistant superintendent of Duluth schools. The ceremonies were attended by more than 1,500 people.

As the first shovel of earth was turned, factory and locomotive whistles were sounded as a signal of gratification in the undertaking of West Duluth’s foremost school project.

Leading the parade was the Denfeld band, with banners and flags. The line of march was from the school down Central Avenue, along Grand Avenue to 45th Avenue West, and to the site of the new building. Fifteen members of the Denfeld Girl Club carried a large American flag.

New Auditorium Seen

Knight was the first to break ground, using a maroon and gold spade that will be kept in the Denfeld trophy case until the new school is built, and then will be transferred to the new school. He expressed confidence that when the new school is completed it will include an auditorium and other needed facilities which lack of funds made impossible at present.

Taylor lauded the cooperation civic and fraternal organizations of West Duluth and the West End are giving Denfeld.

Prayer was offered by Rev. W. J. Barr. Brief talks were given by the following students, presidents of Denfeld classes: Robert Van Kleek, senior; Howard Vangen, junior; Chester Burton, sophomore; and Everitt Trudell, freshman.

Sophomores First New Graduates

The sophomore class will be the first to be graduated from the new building. The present Denfeld school was built in 1914 and named for Robert E. Denfeld, who for 33 years was superintendent of Duluth public schools. S. A. Foster was the first principal, and the initial enrollment was 287. In 1916 S. H. Schutte became principal. The enrollment had increased to 293 students and in 1917 to 328.

In the fall of 1918 Taylor became principal. During the same year the 7th and 8th grade boys of the Irving, Ely, Fairmont and Longfellow schools were permitted to enter Denfeld because the grade schools were becoming crowded. Registration now is more than 1,200.

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