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August 3, 2012
Duluth Budgeteer News

Denfeld Hall of Fame inducts 20 new members
By Thomas Vaughn

Saturday, July 28, Denfeld supporters gathered in the school auditorium to witness the induction of 20 new Hall of Fame members. Principal Tonya Sconiers talked with inductees and guests before the ceremony.

“Denfeld is a community. I’ve lived here for 14 years and have met many of the inductees that will be honored today,” she said. “These events instill a sense of pride, and a sense of legacy regarding where the school has been and where it’s going for the future.”

The Denfeld Alumni Association manages the selection process. A committee of alumni association members examines an individual’s high school service, occupational path, service to country and community service, according to Richard Swanson, vice president of the association.

“We have about 20,000 graduates, I think about 15,000 living graduates. We try to get people while they’re still walking and talking,” he said.

2012 inductee Tyrone Bujold is still walking and talking. A 1955 Denfeld graduate, he spent time looking over the wall plaques of those who preceded him into the hall of fame. A trial attorney in Minneapolis for 40 years, he tried cases all over the United States. He also helped initiate a fund for the benefit of Denfeld students who receive need-based disbursements upon recommendation by the Denfeld faculty. Many of his classmates contributed to the fund.

“I would think those two things called to mind the likelihood that I should be inducted,” said Bujold. “I came to Denfeld in my junior year, so I had only two years to achieve fame. I was active in student government. I take great pride in that.”

Former Budgeteer editor and publisher Dick Palmer also joined the inductee list this year. He graduated from Denfeld in 1948.

“It’s an honor. I’m somewhat shocked, I guess. There are a lot of wonderful people in this group that have made many contributions to the community, and I’m glad to have been part of that.”

The span of graduation years for 2012 inductees runs from 1924 through 1986. Four inductees, like former teacher Janet

Petersen, did not graduate from Denfeld. They were chosen for their significant impact on the Denfeld community. Petersen taught physical education, retiring in 1976.

“Jan was a wonderful teacher, just great. She liked the class of 1960,” said Leslie Peterson, who graduated from Denfeld in 1960. “Jan was so instrumental in so many different things. She comes to every one of our reunions. She enjoys us as much as we enjoy her.”

Denfeld sophomore Brenna Montgomery has been helping her mother Anna at meetings, parades and other Denfeld Alumni Association events since the age of 8.

“I know the history [of Denfeld] and the current [Denfeld events],” said Montgomery, who helped her mother at the hospitality table for the induction ceremony. She said because she’s attending Denfeld now, she knows her way around the school and can help the inductees find the rooms they need.

Anna Montgomery is a member of the Class of 1979 and treasurer of the Denfeld Alumni Association.

“I get so much out of this, seeing these families come back and participate in the pride that we all share being Denfeld Hunters, carrying on traditions and the rich history of West Duluth and what Denfeld stands for in our hearts and in the community.”

For more information about the Denfeld Alumni Association, contact Tom Skull at tom.skull @ or at 218-260-5133.

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